Social and Emotional Education and Development

Social and Emotional Education and Development

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Welcome to our new website!

5th February 2014

We have just launched our Resource Guide for intervention schools. Feel free to browse the resources and get in touch with us if you have any questions.

The SEED Programme aims to improve pupils’ social and emotional wellbeing by supporting a tailored response to school need. It consists of three stages:

1) an assessment of school needs through staff, pupil and parent questionnaires;
2) feedback of these data to all school staff and a reflexive discussion, facilitated by the school’s Educational Psychologist, to select school-appropriate actions and initiatives at class and/or whole school level;
3) the implementation and maintenance of these actions and initiatives.

The Resource Guide is intended to help with the selection of evidence based initiatives in Stage 2. Click on the link to the left to access the guide.